stef penney

the tenderness of wolves

I find images incredibly important and helpful when I’m writing. I wanted to share

some of them, but getting and sharing access to old photographs is difficult.

Here are some galleries that I’ve found and some suggestions if you are interested

in the landscape and history of Canada.

Wilderness and wolves…

There is a wealth of material on the wilderness:

Lake Huron in Winter

Photographs of the landscape that Mrs Ross and the others had to travel through.

These pictures were taken near Port Arthur on Lake Huron, and they give you

an idea of the lake, the woods, and the plain. Photography by Laurie Lynd.

Tall Tales - A Walk on the Wild Side

A photo-essay of a wolf encounter taken in Banff National Park, Canada.

The Group of Seven

The Group of Seven captured the Canadian wilderness in rugged, beautiful, expressive paintings (early 20th Century).

Canadian Winter

Winter photos. A nice small site posted by photographer Claudio Gatti.

Details of snowy landscape, trees etc.


It’s quite difficult to find good image banks online, but here are

some suggestions:

Susanna Moodie and Catherine Parr Traill

Settler life: Susanna Moodie and Catherine Parr Traill were English sisters who

settled in the Ontario backwoods in the 1830s, and wrote books about their

experiences: I particularly recommend Susanna’s ‘Roughing it in the Bush’ - which

tells you pretty clearly how she felt about her new life (her name inspired both

Susannah’s and Moody’s!)

The Fur Trade and Hudson's Bay Company

History of the fur trade, exploration and the Hudson's Bay Company -

mainly paintings and maps (pre-photography era).

Hudson's Bay Company; photographs of a typical fort inside and out.